Duraflex - waterproof and cost-effective and has your surfaces covered

Duraflex is a hardwearing and versatile coating that is internationally proven. Instead of immediately installing hugely expensive and disruptive new roofs or decking, Duraflex is a non disruptive, costeffective, and long-lasting alternative.

Low Cost

Don’t do an expensive re-roof or new deck if you don’t have to!


Non-disruptive, quick, and simple to apply

Low Maintenance

Resistant to future growth, non-slip, and easy to clean


Hard-wearing - long-lasting protection in all conditions


Duraflex isn’t just a short-term fix. As Duraflex specialists, the product comes with a 15 Year Guarantee when you use DURAPROOF.

Duraflex - one product, so many benefits

Duraflex is an amazing internationally-proven technology that revitalises, protects, and preserves surfaces against all the elements. It is resistant to future growth, and even non-slip. It’s also simple and non-disruptive to apply. We hand spray the Duraflex directly, in its liquid form. It will access all those hard to reach crevices, cracks, joins, and gaps that could be causing leaking,

or damage to the surface material. It will even penetrate holes as small as a pinhead. It will quickly dry, mould itself to the surface, and harden – while remaining completely flexible. We’ll then apply as many coats as it takes to make sure it is truly sealed, and ready to stand up to any conditions for years to come.

Utilising technology to preserve surfaces against all elements


Resistance to the damaging effects of direct sun and helps deflect harmful rays

Outstanding flexibility to allow for any natural movement in the materials and structure

Retains its flexibility and strength over a wide temperature range

Unaffected by rain or total immersion – perfect for any wet areas

Has a microporous skin, allowing substrates to dry out naturally

Resistant to pollutants, and easy to clean with soapy water

DURAPROOF – the Duraflex Specialists

We are one of the only Duraflex installers in Wellington – and are the most experienced. We are the specialists who understand its properties, potential, and the best practice for application. We apply it with great success to a range of roofs year-round – always striving to get the best results for our clients, with minimal disturbance and expense. But for us it’s not about just

spraying Duraflex on an area, we do all the preparation that’s required too. We’ll treat, repair, and reseal your roof and ground areas. We often find that it’s not only the existing materials that will wear, it’s glues and silicones that perish first. So it’s really important that we start from the base up, to get the best out of your existing material, and Duraflex.

Read about the success of
DURAPROOF and Duraflex


The Holy Cross Catholic Church in Miramar was having terrible difficulties with leaks in
their curved fibreglass roof. Water was rolling down the interior walls, and collecting in the
roof space. DURAPROOF was called in to inspect and assess the roof. We quickly
discovered tiny pinholes all over the roof. There was also a lot of natural growth that had
occurred on the roof over the years.

We fully prepared the roof for spraying with Duraflex. Our team thoroughly cleaned, treated,
and removed all growth and dirt with specialist products and machinery, and drained any
remaining water in the roof spaces. We then comprehensively sealed the entire roof with
waterproofing products, and applied three coats of Duraflex to protect the roof from the
elements, resist new growth, and make it look much tidier.

Since then the church has had no further leaking, and the lifespan of their roof has been
dramatically improved.

“We have worked with Dave Johnstone of DURAPROOF. on numerous roof projects for both Church and School buildings. David Johnstone
has provided us with friendly and helpful advice and then followed through with good workmanship, delivered to required timeframes or often
completing earlier than expected.
It is our opinion that DURAPROOF are competent in the area of repair and recoating of membrane roofs and we have no hesitation in
recommending them for future work on this nature.”

David Monastra – Director, Monastra QS Consultants Ltd.


One of Newlands College’s fibrolite walkway roofs was breaking down. It was tearing, and
leaks were coming through. Naturally it was a big concern for the school. A total fibrolite
removal and re-roof would have been incredibly costly, and disruptive.

DURAPROOF was brought in to offer a better alternative. Our team glued and
resealed all the broken surfaces with our specialist products – all to meet the highest safety
standards. We then applied three coats of Duraflex to further seal and protect the material
for years to come.

The school no longer has to worry about the roof leaking, or the safety of their staff and


The Pier is a luxury apartment complex on Paraparaumu Beach. Its large (and relatively new)
rubber membrane roof was failing – due to its black material absorbing the sun’s harsh rays, and contact
with sea spray. Glues were breaking down, surfaces were detaching from the plywood and
framing underneath, edges were fraying, and nails were penetrating the surface. It was all
negatively impacting residents, and the structure itself, as joints were leaking, and unsightly
black stains were streaking down the walls and windows.

DURAPROOF was first called in to apply Duraflex to the roof. Our team properly
cleaned, treated, sealed and repaired all the damaged sections of the roof, and applied three
coats of Duraflex. Now the roof is protected against the elements, and looks a lot smarter.
This was all achieved for a fraction of the cost, and with minimal disruption to residents

“Our building has a rubber membrane roof system, that had started to deteriorate, with some splitting, oxidisation, and some adhesive failures. We were
advised by a couple of “roofing experts”, that we have to completely replace the membrane, at a cost of close to $300k. David Johnston of DURAPROOF was contacted and he advised that with a thorough clean, some repairs and re-gluing, he could then apply a coating that would
prolong the life of the existing material. Further his product and application process would have a 15 year guarantee. The cost was less than a third
of the previous options. We chose to use David’s company, and we are extremely pleased with the result.”

Struan Robertson – Facilities Manager, The Pier Apartments, Paraparaumu Beach.


At the Harcourts building in Tawa, moisture was being absorbed through one of the concrete
walls. The carpets were damp and rotting at the base of the wall, which was causing damage
to office property and an odour.

The building owner, Pat, called in DURAPROOF. We found holes in the mortar, and
water blowing through the concrete in wind. There was also a lot of mud buildup in the metre
between the wall and an adjacent fence. We dug out the area, cleaned it up, and created a
channel for water to drain well. We properly treated, patched and sealed the wall, and applied
three coats of Duraflex to further protect it. Now the wall is completely sealed, and the
occupants have none of the negative effects they used to have.

“My company used Dave at DURAPROOF to seal my walls and roof. I had great trouble trying to fix these leaks until I was recommended to
Dave – and since then we’ve had no problems. After more than 15 months there has been no leaks reported in the building. I can highly recommend
Dave’s treatment for anybody who has leak problems in their buildings.”

Pat Robinson – Director, Roboco Ltd.