Ground Treatments

Our simple chemical treatment to deal with all types of growth, and the issues these bring. Moss, mould, and lichen not only make your driveway,
decking and pathways look bad, but they can be extremely damaging and even dangerous. We apply specially-formulated sprays to treat growth that occurs on these surfaces, and the resulting issues it can cause. Saturating the area by directly applying our low-pressure spray is an incredibly efficient, low-disturbance, and cost-effective way to ensure all

growth is destroyed. It will soon die and break away on its own. This will extend the life of the underlying material, and is the first step in preparing
it for resealing or coating with a product like Duraflex. Your ground areas will be less susceptible to damage, and won’t be as slippery to walk on.
Not only that, they’ll come back to life, and look much sharper! Treatment like this is recommended once every couple of years.

Asphalt Driveways

Staying on top of growth on asphalt early is vital for its longevity. A presentable and well-kept driveway is so valuable when it comes time to sell too.


Growth on decking can ruin the timber, and make it slippery. We use chemical spray to remove growth and then Duraflex can be applied afterwards to protect the timber, prevent future growth and make it non-slip.


Growth on pathways can be slippery and dangerous. We use chemical spray to clean off growth and then Duraflex can be applied afterwards to prevent future growth and make it nonslip.

Concrete Driveways

Growth causes concrete to crack, become slippery and cause gravel to become uneven. Staying on top of it by treating your driveway early with our chemical sprays is vital for its longevity and really cleans it up too!

DURAPROOF – the Chemical Spray Professionals

We always pay close attention to the surroundings whenever we spray chemicals, and will consider any risks on site. While our skilled staff make sure there is very little overspray, we are extremely careful of animals such as birds or pets, water sources, plants and trees, and property boundaries. It’s really important to us that we thoroughly investigate any potential

risks, and address them if required – for example keeping pets indoors for a safe period, and covering water supplies. We are also Licensed Building Practitioners with over 40 years’ experience in roofing, treatments, and sprays. We hold Health & Safety Standards in the highest regard, and we are trained in Fall Arrest Systems to Unit Standards 15757 and 17600.