Butynol, repair and protection specialists for roofs, decks and balconies

Butynol is a rubber protective substance commonly used on flat roofs and decks throughout New Zealand. You’ll find Butynol on many different kinds of buildings – from homes to schools and commercial offices. But even an effective product like Butynol does break down over time.

It can become chalky, leaving black powder on your feet or causing color to run down the outer walls. The surface may also start ‘bubbling’ because the glue that should be securing it to the timber has broken down. You may also find cracks and splits, or old nails coming through. Your roof may even be leaking.

If your Butynol is showing any of these signs, or if you just want to protect your roof and underlying structure for years to come, It’s time to get in touch with DURAPROOF.

Butynol uses:

  • Roof membranes
  • External balconies and decks
  • Gutter linings
  • Water containment



Solutions for Roof
and Ground Surfaces

  • Butynol roofing and flat roof solutions
  • Butynol decking solutions
  • Butynol below ground solutions

Our process

  1. Check the state of the existing Butynol and sub-structure

    Whether you have found signs of your Butynol breaking down, you’ve developed leaks, or you just want to give your roof the best possible protection, we’ll thoroughly investigate your entire roof surface and sub-structure for damage.

  2. Repair any damage

    We believe in repairing roofs right, the first time. Long-term leaks may have caused damage to the underlying structure, such as plywood and purlins. So we will first replace any materials that have been affected. Then, we use high-grade sealants and adhesives to make the Butynol surface completely watertight.

  3. Apply coats of Duraflex

    We’ll then safeguard your Butynol roof from future damage by coating it with multiple layers of Duraflex. Not only that, Duraflex’s attractive grey colour is often a welcome change from aging Butynol, as it can really sharpen up your property’s appearance.